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Talent idea

Jianlong is a successful career and dream platform of excellence!
The company's open employment mechanism and the openness and respect for talent attract a number of top talents from excellent domestic enterprises. Sustained and rapid development has formed a continuous demand for talents.
The concept of human resources
Employees are the most important partners of the company.
Code of conduct
Let our partners be more capable;

● remuneration and benefits:
The remuneration of industry and regional competitiveness, excellent talent in this harvest is not only a sense of achievement in the cause, but also a reasonable return on the interests. At present, the company provides five kinds of insurance for employees: industrial injury insurance, birth insurance, unemployment insurance, pension insurance, medical insurance

● Promotion
The company advocates "fair, fair and open" competitive environment, and strives to make every employee of Jun Hsiung have a sustainable development space;

● assessment:
The effective incentive evaluation system is rewarded, rewarded, and provided long-term opportunities for career development through excellent performance workers.

● training:
The company continues to introduce and train talents to provide a comprehensive space for professional development of business, skills and management.

To respect the value of talent;
To stimulate potential, talents create wealth;
Continue to transcend, achieve a common dream.
For the development of Jianlong better, stable, honest, open to the community elite olive branch, as long as you have the ability, you have to pursue, please join the Jianlong , let us together to create a new tomorrow; and the best solutions and products to society!
Jianlong invites you to join!